Roundup: Small Space Closet Solutions

One of the trickiest parts of small space living is closet space-- or lack thereof. My first piece of advice when it comes to dealing with limited clothing storage options is to simply downsize your wardrobe. The fewer pieces you have, the fewer solutions you'll need to house them all.


Since moving our clothes from the weather-proofed garden shed back into the cottage bedroom last month, we actually reduced our articles by half.. again! But before doing so, we used a variety of solutions. Some of my favorites are included in the round-up below. (Perhaps some of them will come in handy when accommodating those ugly Christmas sweaters and various holiday gifts.)

As for hampers-- we're lucky enough to have one that's built-in. If you're struggling to find a place for yours, try some alternative designs:

  • collapsible models
  • beautiful oversized baskets that you don't mind leaving out in the open
  • hanging/over-the-door options
  • storage stool cubes
  • rolling carts