Simple Holiday Gifting

As I look back at 2017, I'm eager to show gratitude and appreciation to my friends, family, and collaborators for their incredible love and support throughout this year of explosive growth and change. But I find myself more reluctant than ever to gift "things" to my loved ones-- especially since so many of them have expressed the desire to downsize (and the holidays are the primary time of year when decluttering can feel borderline impossible).

gifting blog duo 2.jpg

My family and I agreed-- no gifts, except a few for West. He's receiving a beautiful handmade set of toys, a bike basket, and some wonderful books in his present sack.

gifting blog duo.jpg

I'll be giving our friends and neighbors freshly baked bread wrapped in reusable linen cloths. In my mind, it's the perfect holiday present: simple, delicious, beautiful, and clutter-free.

gifting blog 1.jpg

I feel as though this year rushed by at a breakneck pace. For me, there's nothing I want more than to lounge around with my husband, son, parents, and pups, enjoying good food and swapping stories instead of presents.

gifting blog duo 3.jpg

However and whatever you're celebrating this season, Adam and I wish you and yours all the best from our tiny home!