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The Tiny Canal Cottage® is a 1920's Craftsman-style house by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. This <400 sqft home/office is the full-time residence of Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband, their son, and two rescue beagles.

Mindful Gifting

Mindful Gifting

Let’s talk gifting. I'm big on mindful presents and cards that don't require storage in your small space while they're waiting to be given. I’m usually as much of a minimalist when it comes to gifting as I am when it comes to decorating. My holiday go-to is almost always a recycled berry basket with farm eggs, rosemary and freshly baked bread. But this past season, after having West and expanding my business, the berry baskets went completely unused— they’re still waiting patiently in our kitchen cabinets. Not only did I not give out holiday presents, but I haven’t even gotten around to our basic thank you notes for our wedding back in May. (FAIL.) As such, I feel like I have some making-up to do. 

I’m still only interested in giving practical, usable items to each recipient. I refuse to gift something that’s just going to turn into clutter down the road.But I the reality of having an infant (with no day-to-day help), running two businesses, and having a partner who works full-time as well, suggests that the chances of me getting around to this sort of thing are seriously slim. I was grumbling to myself about this when I got an email from a new company called Gift in Time. The name sparked my interest, so I sat down and had a look at the services they were offering: thoughtful, dedicated, effortless gifting. (Clearly they are mind readers.)

The team at Gift in Time invited me experience their service, which is something that bloggers and Instagrammers are often offered. I usually politely decline (we don’t need more “stuff” here), but I was genuinely curious and decided to give it a go. 

They sent me four custom-selected gifts and two hand-written cards to demonstrate what their company has to offer. The items included:

  1. The softest handmade leather mocs and a matching pacifier clip by Posh Panda (in Lethbridge, AB) for baby West. They matched the nursery flawlessly.
  2. A compact, pop-out coloring puzzle by Petit Collage (in California) for baby West to enjoy later down the road. They selected the theme of a castle, as they know that I regularly spend my summers at the Chateau de Belcastel in France. (We’re taking West there for the first time in July!)
  3. A compact skincare set by Helena Lane (in Brackendale, BC) for post-natal pampering— something I very much appreciated. Immediate post-pregnancy hormones are no joke.
  4. A perfectly neutral-toned, durable dog toy by Mr. Dog (in NYC) for #StubsandSoph. They both love it. Stanlee likes to sleep with it, whereas Sophee likes to drag it around the garden.

Everything they sent matches our home and needs. We’ve since used each item daily, except for the puzzle, which we’ll save for West when he is a bit older. (Click here to read / see where we're storing his toys.) And the two hand-written cards in the boxes made the experience feel that much more personal. You can even have the cards printed in your own handwriting, if you so choose. And to top it all off, the gift boxes in which everything arrived are simple and beautiful, without being wasteful. (I reused the boxes as shoe + sock storage beneath our couch.)

I'm also a fan of this method of giving because it doesn't require us to store the presents in our home until it's time to give them away. Every object in our home has a purpose and a place, but any "extra" items just sit around in the open until we have the chance to send them on their way.

In case you are struggling to juggle it all, and want to be mindful to not overlook your loved ones’ special occasions while doing so, a few steps on your iPhone can provide them with an experience like the one I had. I’ll FINALLY be sending my wedding thank you cards via their greeting service now. (I hear you have a year to send those, right? Looks like they’ll arrive in time after all.)

I acknowledge that Gift in Time is partnering with me to participate in this custom-gifting project. All expressed opinions and experiences on this blog are my own, and are written in my own words, regardless of collaboration compensation. My post complies with the WOMMA Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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