Roundup: Compact Speakers

One of the first realities I had to accept when we moved into our little home was that several forms of non-digital media simply had to go. I donated hundreds of books, keeping in mind that I could always download a copy of anything on my iPad if need be. I stopped receiving printed magazines and the Sunday newspaper, and opted instead for online subscriptions. I also got rid of any old DVDs and CDs, which was fine by me-- I can't remember the last time I had a computer with a disc slot anyway. The hardest decision was parting with our record player. However, we only brought it out for special occasions-- such as our home wedding (below), and over long weekends. So, ultimately, we gave the player to a friend. (It would've been tough to use with Sophee and West anyway-- I'm sure they would've toyed with the turning records constantly.)


We have three compact speakers on the property: an older Big Jambox (in white) over the kitchen cabinets in our cottage, a Bose SoundLink behind a plant on the exposed kitchen shelves in the front tiny house, and a tiny portable speaker that we use on the bikes, stroller, and/or while working out in the garden. I like them all, and have discovered that it makes a huge difference in sound quality if we place them in particular spots around the houses where the sound bounces and better fills the rooms.

For those who are in the process of downsizing their audio system, I've rounded up a diverse group of small or portable speakers, including the ones we have here. (I'd love to try that beautiful Stockholm Speaker, but it's on the pricier end of the spectrum. One day!)