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The Tiny Canal Cottage® is a 1920's Craftsman-style house by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. This <400 sqft home/office is the full-time residence of Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband, their son, and two rescue beagles.

Roundup: Gifts for the Pups

Roundup: Gifts for the Pups

I’ve received enough requests for a round-up of space-savvy, beautiful and/or eco-friendly pet goods for the holidays that I though the topic deserved a mini-post.

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I unapologetically have stockings for both of my dogs, and even my parents display stockings for StanLee and Sophee at their home in Kanapaha. I think I’m more enthusiastic about giving gifts to our pups than to anyone else, other than West. Our lil’ beagles bring us so much joy on a daily basis— why not return the favor?

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Handmade, Updatable Collars
I wish I’d discovered Ike & Stella collars years ago, as they’re easy to update when parts begin to age or fray (meaning that they don’t have to be entirely discarded over the years).


These sturdy leather-and-metal collars have removable (and sometimes washable) decorative + cushioned slide-on sleeves.


I got collars and sleeves for both of the pups, and they’re definitely here to stay— no more wasteful discarding of older collars.


Nesting Pet Stairs
Need a set of space-savvy, well-designed pet stairs? Good news:


Fursatile makes customizable nesting accent stairs/stools that we love. These multi-purpose accent pieces use fabric that is both lovely and durable, capable of resisting stains and spills from pets and kids alike.


Handmade Leashes 
If you’re limited on storage space, handmade leashes can be surprisingly pretty if displayed on your walls via hooks when not in use.


Let’s spend more time out and about with our pups (without our eyes glued to our phones)— it’s the most loving gift we could give them.


BioBag makes bags & films made from plant starches, vegetable oils & compostable polymers for organic waste collection for composting.

Pet Bowls
We’re currently using stainless steel mixing bowls for the pups since West broke all but one of the ceramic pet dishes when he was little. But there are endless, artfully crafted bowls available via Etsy!


Pet Beds 
We’ve been skipping indoor pet beds these days, opting instead to use easily-washable, layered blankets. (More info on that here.)  However, we truly we LOVED our oversized pillow from our neighbors at The Wolf Nest when we had it in the front tiny house. (We humans used it as a floor cushion, too.)


I recently wrote an entire post on pup toys, here.

Food Tins
If you’re cramped for space, nothing can ruin the look of a room (or leave food vulnerable) like an exposed bag of kibble. These tins blend easily into a space, and are available in treat/snack sizes, too. We keep ours on the bottom shelf in the Cottage bath, right next to the water bowl.


Food (Food, Food)
Want to really please your pet and save some space? Food is arguably the best way to go. Services like The Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate make fresh, refrigerated, customizable meals, which are delivered right to your door at timed intervals.

Tiny House Hibernation

Tiny House Hibernation

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Housing a Crowd Without Overcrowding