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The Tiny Canal Cottage® is a 1920's Craftsman-style house by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. This <400 sqft home/office is the full-time residence of Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband, their son, and two rescue beagles.

Registry Picks for a Small Kitchen

Registry Picks for a Small Kitchen

This is entry no.2 from a 3-part wedding registry series, sponsored by Macy’s in partnership with MyDomaine. (View part one here.)

Sharing a small home is not only doable— it can be completely delightful and fulfilling. Adam and I have enjoyed our tiny cottage together for over seven years, and we both agree that we’ve become such better partners to one another because of it.

We partnered with Macy’s Wedding Registry to show to engaged couples some of the compact yet sophisticated appliances and dinnerware and serveware, that make everyday life in a small kitchen enjoyable.


Remember— your wedding guests will WANT to give you tokens of celebration, love, and support. If you’re living in limited square-footage, make it easier on yourself and on your guests by carefully curating your registry to suit your wonderful and unique living situation.



This Breville Juice Fountain is small but mighty. It takes vegetables and fruit without pre-cutting, slicing or peeling, and turns them into healthy juice within seconds, all while requiring just 7.5” diameter of counter surface space. And the unit disassembles into smaller pieces so it’s easier to store.


I was nervous the first time I used ours because I’m not the best in the kitchen. But it’s super fun and easy to use and clean, and now I’m totally addicted.



Adam and I realized recently that we were spending a small fortune on to-go coffees in the name of “convenience.” But what could be more convenient than quietly brewing coffee in the comfort of your own (tiny) home? The K-Select K80 Brewing System can accommodate four different cup/brew sizes, and can even fit a travel mug.


Plus, great news— the K-Cup pods are now easy to recycle. But where to store them? Simply slide them under the coffee machine itself with an Under Brewer Storage Drawer, which sits beneath the brewing system. It will maximize your breakfast station while organizing all of your coffee essentials.


Villeroy & Boch offers timeless plates and trays, as well as several clever space-maximizing serving tools. The Artesano 3-Tiered Server is particularly handy in a tiny home or apartment. When entertaining, you’ll be able to display decor and/or offer several dishes on a small table, thanks to the vertical design. Maximize the potential of this design with the complete set, which includes three narrow serving bowls perfectly crafted to fit each level. Remove the tiers and collapse the tower for streamlined storage.

There are several more pieces from the Artesano line that are both beautiful and streamlined in design. Some of my favorites include:

Artesano Wood Tray Cover for 7" Bowl - This beautiful wood tray cover is a true small space star. It can act as the perfect topper for a 7" bowl , or it can be used on its own for serving appetizers.

Serveware Artesano Collection Porcelain & Cork Lidded Sugar Dish - Never underestimate the impact of the little details. In an apartment or small home, it helps to have pieces that can live in the cabinets OR on the countertops, like this petite porcelain and cork sugar dish.

Artesano Dip Bowls -  These simple, elegant little ramekins can come in handy nearly every meal. Stack them vertically when not in use, and they’ll barely take up any space.


I also really love Villeroy & Boch’s Coffee Passion Collection— particularly the clear glass designs:

Coffee Passion Collection Latte Macchiato Glass Mug & Saucer Set - This dishwasher-safe glass mug retains heat when in use, and stacks neatly with others.

Artesano Set/2 Large Hot Beverages Cup - Adam and I use our hot beverage cups all the time. The glass style helps keep surfaces feeling clutter-free, and the double-walled design keeps our coffee hotter longer. (Which is good, because I never seem to get through breakfast and an entire cup of coffee before I get distracted and start doing something else. I appreciate that the cup is still warm when I return so it doesn’t go to waste.)



It’s kind of a dream to have something tidying up after you, while you relax and enjoy your breakfast with your partner, right? Meet the Roomba, folks.


I never thought I’d be into robotic vacuums, but this thing is complete magic. It is SO much smaller than a standard vacuum, and it quietly glides around our Cottage, collecting dog hair before it turns into terrifying tumbleweeds. (Plus, our pups are totally fascinated by it.) Win, win, win.


View more of my curated collection with Macy’s here.

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