Bond Group Entertainment:
A Tricky Kitchen & Connected Bath
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Compared to the rest of the sun-soaked rooms at Bond Group, the kitchen is surprisingly dark. It has no windows, and while the default florescent office lighting illuminated the space fully, it was fairly unpleasant. The room on its own felt lifeless, so I wanted to warm it up and turn it into a place where the staff would be happy to sit down for meals and breaks. 


First I removed the dark, oversized dining table from the space, and replace it with something more appropriate in size and style. I chose a  marble, pedestal dining table from AllModern. It’s a smooth, understated design, and its matte white finish offers just enough of a sheen to reflect some light that helps brighten the space. I continued my use of the white Marleigh Side Chairs, as their metal frames fit the modern style of the space while their woven rattan seats relax the look. 


A round jute rug beneath the dining area will withstand the inevitable wear-and-tear of kitchen use. In the center of the table, I placed a handmade ceramic utensil caddy with stainless + ebony flatware, as there are no drawers in the kitchen.


To provide a much needed storage solution, I was able to fit the Skin Sideboard into the room thanks to the smaller diameter of the new table. Above the sideboard I added a mirror to brighten and visually expand the room.


On the surface, I placed an accent lamp, a Smeg toaster, and Soda Stream (to help cut back on bottle waste).


I also stocked the sideboard with two styles of reusable S’well containers (bottles and travelers) for water and coffee.


On the walls, I added handmade, reusable shopping bags from Xinh and Co, as well as a handmade hanging basket to hold reusable Parachute kitchen towels in lieu of wasteful paper towels. 

In a transitional corner, I placed a circular bar cart to store glassware and dishes in an easy-to-access spot. We saved space in the same area by using a semi-round trash can.


I topped the space off with the Minna Three Tiered Chandelier from Lulu and Georgia, which transformed the feel of the entire room.


Just off the kitchen is the bathroom.


While I’d hoped to replace the pedestal sink with a little vanity, we ultimately decided it was more important to keep the space truly wheelchair-accessible, and to thus add storage elsewhere.


We installed the round Solace Bathroom Mirror, which includes a shallow ledge for a few decorative and functional items that we couldn’t fit on the sink itself.


Amy requested lockers in the bathroom so that she and others would have a place to stash workout gear and event clothing needed throughout the day. To maintain a clean look on the front and a slim footprint upon the floor, we used a modern locker system. The single-doored units are great for hanging garments, whereas the divided dual-door unit is handy for corralling bath supplies and bags.


To beautify the room, we added plants from Rolling Greens, along with the Skye Gold area rug from Loloi Rugs. The most striking addition is a large art print by my good friend Justina Blakeney. The artwork is entitled, “In Chorus,” and was released by Jungalow after the LA Women’s March in 2017, with initial proceeds going to benefit the Downtown Women’s Center of Los Angeles.