Bond Group Entertainment:
Amy Adams’ Petite Reading Room
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"Before visiting the Cottage I had always assumed small spaces to be cluttered or coldly minimalistic. Whitney's eye for detail and her spirit of beauty creates a space that fills the visitor with warmth and welcome. I am deeply envious of her ability to curate aesthetically and tactically satisfying environments. I have tried to emulate this but trust me it is a rare talent. She is a rare talent." - Amy Adams

Amy wanted her delightfully compact office within Bond Group to be a quiet place where she can focus on her work as an executive producer, and comfortably read and discuss texts. She wasn’t interested in a traditional desk or layout, and wanted instead to have a relaxed room where both she and her guests can feel at ease. She also wanted to veer away from on-trend velvets and retro glam decor. Los Angeles is awash with luxe styling, but Amy wanted something more grounded and welcoming to everyone. (One of the many reasons I admire her.)


To honor Amy’s fondness for the natural world, I brought in ample (yet low-maintenance) greenery from Rolling Greens to breathe life into her modern workspace. I used a mix of wall-mounted planters, rattan-wrapped ceramic pots, and footed vessels to bring the outdoors in. 


To extend the look and feel of the plants throughout the space, I connected with fiber artist Rianne Aarts, who created a unique macrame wall hanging in a custom gradient of sage greens selected specifically for Amy’s office.


The piece is part of Aarts’ Organic Collection, which consists of one-of-a kind works inspired by nature’s elements.


On the neighboring wall is a photograph entitled “Eden” by Arielle Vey. I chose Eden for Amy for personal reasons, but also because it’s another nature-inspired piece that pops wonderfully in the space. 


Amy knew she wanted a loveseat in her office. It needed to be small enough that it could fit in the doorway and not overcrowd the space, but it also needed to be large and plush enough to cocoon her when in use. My friends at Tumbleweed & Dandelion in Venice custom-built a compact sofa for Amy right here in LA. We opted for simple lines and tall arms to support Amy when she’s curled up in the corner of the deliberately soft cushions. We selected a timeless flax upholstery that can easily be dressed up or pared down with the help of throws.


Tumbleweed & Dandelion also custom-created the large, overstuffed ottoman at the center of the room. The poof doubles as a coffee table when topped with this small-batch, handcrafted tray from Anthropologie.

In order make reading more enjoyable in the office, we removed the large florescent panel lighting from overhead, and replaced it with a sizable yet delicate white woven pendant lamp by my Insta-friend, designer Leanne Ford. 


The Rhys Chair from Anthropologie is a generous size, yet tucks into tiny corners with surprising ease. In Amy’s office, it faces the couch, forming a lovely little conversation setting. (And it’s turned out to be a convenient spot for Amy’s husband, Darren Le Gallo, to sit and work on some of his amazing digital artwork.)


As previously mentioned, Amy wasn’t keen on having a desk, but knew she’d need a compact writing/computing surface of some sort.


A ladder desk with a touch of storage strikes the right balance, and also adds some height to the furnishings in the room. from the work surface, Amy can simply pivot her desk chair around to create a fourth seat to join the conversation set.


A textured rug defines the conversation area in Amy’s office, while a concrete drum table corresponds with the floors. A vintage basket on the floor holds Parachute throws.


Another vintage container on her desk catches books, scripts and magazines. On the wall, a marble hook holds a brass hanger for Amy’s outerwear or event garments. A handmade scarf from Late Sunday Afternoon mirrors the greens throughout the office, and the supports two separate giveback missions: one for youth entering the foster care system, and the other for homeless pets.