Bond Group Entertainment:
Stacy O’Neil’s Adaptive Workspace 
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“Whitney’s work is magical, she effortlessly created a chic, yet soothing environment where creative people immediately feel inspired and comfortable.” - Stacy O’Neil

As Stacy is one of the two founding principals of Bond Group Entertainment, I wanted her workspace to be highly reflective of her aesthetics. But since Stacy has additional offices in both New York and LA, so her space within Bond Group is often in use by others in the company, and needed to be versatile as a result.


In order to keep the space more general without lacking Stacy’s personality, I cut back on traditional, longer term office storage, and called upon furnishings in Stacy’s style that can accomodate the visitors (and belongings) that are in and out of the room on a day-to-day basis.


First, I dampened the echo within the room by covering the floor with the soft, hand-knotted Zehra Rug from Lulu and Georgia. The minute the rug was in, it was clear that the industrial lighting had to come out. I swapped it for a pendant that matched Amy’s woven lamp, but in the neutral colorway. 


I selected the CB2’s Marcel Concrete Desk for Stacy’s space. I liked that the material of the desk continues the look and feel of the flooring throughout Bond Group, but that the appearance is then softened by the curved concrete legs. The desk is compact, but still has ample room to hold a lamp, accessories and a laptop. When paired with a coffee-hued leather desk chair (that I fell in love with and want for the Cottage), the workspace looks sophisticated, but also relaxed and inviting.


To add seating for visitors, I used the Marleigh Side Chair on the opposite side of the desk. (I have these at the Cottage and love them.)


To provide a cushioned place for people to drop their bags and tech, I chose the iron and linen Lexi Bench from Lulu and Georgia. 


On the walls, we hung a large, jute macrame with tassels from The Dharma Door USA, which helped with the echo and warmed up the space. On the opposite wall, a round, convex, woven mirror is flanked by two potted wall planters, dressed up by Rolling Greens.


To catch smaller, miscellaneous items and office supplies, natural jute baskets from The Dharma Door USA dot the windowsill. To warm the space with natural materials at the request of Eddie Adams, I added touches of crystals and fragrant dried clippings of lavender and eucalyptus.