Cottage Bedroom Garden Chandelier

January is such a weird month in the Cottage. The greenery outside is gone and all the winter holiday decor is  packed away. The house just feels kind of bland and lifeless. Usually we see the overflowing grape leaves through the windows over our built-in bed, but in January and February we're stuck looking at the barren vines and the line of homes nearby. I decided to make a small greenery chandelier for the bedroom to cheer up the space a bit.

I do tons of handmade projects here, but I'm not a particularly patient person, so I tend to lean towards DIY-lite. This chandelier was quick and simple:

I got the smallest chandelier I could find on Wayfair and made sure that the lightbulb holders were still large enough for a standard small pot. I clipped all the electrical components off the fixture with garden clippers, leaving me with the perfect platform on which to put the pots. 

I debated between white or clay pots. I ultimately chose terracotta, which corresponds with the color of the built-ins.  We suspended the fixture from the interior wall of the skylight, and voila! We love it.

I was tempted to get succulents (I mean, look at those colors!). But in a tiny space like ours, I generally opt for simpler palettes to help the room feel uncluttered. But to each his/her own! There are endless beautiful options...