Tiny Updates

With the Cottage nursery finally set up (see previous posts), I wanted to make a few minor updates around the house to allow the spaces blend together a bit more seamlessly. My main resource for the updates was Couleur Locale. I love the neutral, Earthy tones and textures of their products: 

New grass fringe lampshade, as we thought the bare-bulb would be a bit too bright for the baby.

New coconut tea light holders (for real and faux candles, depending on context) and bowls. This way we won't have to worry about glass or porcelain holders breaking once the baby begins to grab things.

New rattan wicker baskets for decor and market goods:

New handmade bedspread from World By Hand:

New Anthropologie anchor hooks for the bedroom, to match the subtle, nautical theme in the closet nursery:

New stools with backs-- we want to feel more secure and supported when holding the baby during our meals at the breakfast counter:

And a few more little accessories, here and there: