Guesthouse Getaway in Santa Barbara

Last week, Adam and I felt the overwhelming need to be with our family, and to surround baby West with love. We decided to take a quick getaway to Adam's brother and sister-in-law's home in Santa Barbara. We stayed in their guest unit, which is the dreamiest and most comfortable little house. (Even though it's a small studio-style home, it's still probably about 3x the size of our cottage!)


I hadn't intended on taking many photos during our visit-- I wanted to my eyes focused on my family, not my phone. But I couldn't keep myself from snapping a few images here and there, as the interiors and grounds were just too gorgeous to resist. (Alas, it's not an Airbnb, folks. Sigh!) 


I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the details from this incredible property, which is one of my main design and decor inspirations.

hat close up.jpg

At 10+ months old, West zoomed all over this cozy casita. He even picked and ate oranges from the garden. We took him on a few visits into town and to the beach, and relished the immense beauty of the California coast at the end of summer. 


Click the images below to see what we packed, what we saw, and why we are counting down the days until our next visit.