Roundup: Small Space Jewelry Storage

Over my many years of small space living, I’ve tried numerous jewelry storage solutions. I don’t have excessive amounts of jewelry, but I do have enough to warrant a proper organizer. Frustratingly, I could never seem to find a piece that fit our tiny space while holding larger items (such as my collection of ascots from Late Sunday Afternoon and my boho bangles).


A few years back, I finally found a wonderful solution. It’s not sexy, and it’s not what I’d hoped to find (vintage, natural materials, etc.), but it works, and I imagine I’ll use it for my entire life: it's a plastic hardware organizer with clear drawers. I picked a tall, shallow design, so it can fit inside our compact bathroom vanity. Behind it, we’re able to stack the linens we use infrequently, such as rain mats and guest towels. And there’s still enough room left over to store everyday supplies such as my hairdryer and brush, our first aid kit, my makeup, toiletries, and more.


My advice to anyone struggling to accommodate a jewelry collection in little home is to seek out pieces— from ANY product category— that offer the overall dimensions and compartment styles needed, rather looking specifically for “jewelry organizers.” It's surprising how handy a picnic basket, pill box, cutlery organizer, or hardware case can be.

Don’t forget that nearly any area within a home can be turned into jewelry storage (or storage of any sort, for that matter). Hang pieces on the wall, put shallow drawers to use, suspend organizer pockets from a curtain rod, and/or add slim cabinetry to the backs of doors. (Or, as I did, use the awkward inches in front of your sink’s u-bend.) 

Below is a quick and shopable roundup of some of the diverse styles of organizational tools that can hold jewelry in homes of varying styles and sizes.