Roundup: Small Space Shoe Storage

Over the six months that we rented the front cottage, West began walking. Finding a place for his shoes was not an issue-- we had tons of open storage over there. (We don't own nearly enough  to fill 800 sqft.) But now that we've given up the front house and are back to sharing under 400 sqft, I needed to find a solution for our toddler's footwear. 


Initially we kept his footwear in a single canvas basket up on the top shelf of the closet. But West seems to enjoy picking out his own clothing and accessories, so I wanted to give him the opportunity to easily do so. I found a simple, customizable, handmade shoe storage solution for toddler shoes (and even baby shoes) via ETSY, and it works like a charm. It takes up no floor-space and no shelf-space, and we can easily relocate the strand to the closet when we prefer for it to be out-of-sight:

toddler shoes.jpg

Adam and I stash our shoes within the built-in cubbies under the couch. The following images are a few years old (thus the old couch cushions and overflowing throw pillows), but the concept is clear:

For those of you in need of shoe organization solutions in your small home, I've rounded up a few diverse options, below. But remember-- before you craft or buy storage, try downsizing your collection first! (Reading My Tea Leaves just posted a wonderful entry about responsible decluttering, which you can enjoy here.)