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The Tiny Canal Cottage® is a 1920's Craftsman-style house by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. This <400 sqft home/office is the full-time residence of Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband, their son, and two rescue beagles.

Tiny Human + Tiny House: What's Worked

Tiny Human + Tiny House: What's Worked

I took some time away from the blog to focus on our first month with Baby West. He is now 6 weeks old, and we've been very pleased with how the nursery has worked for us thus far! (View our nursery tour posts here.) This is a quick round-up of some of the key items we've loved, and the reasons why they're handy for our small-space lifestyle. 

Our most functional, space-saving piece is definitely this bathtub and changing table combo. It rolls all over the house, depending on where we need or want it to be-- from the garden, to the stoop, to the nursery. The removable tub is extremely easy to use and clean, and the entire unit is tall, so we don't end up with aching backs after changing or bathing West. There are also two massive storage baskets built-in, which hold our reusable diapers (from Grovia), disposable diapers + wipes (from The Honest Co.), and bath items (from Amazon and Etsy).

I added a long metal wire basket (from Amazon) to the side of the table to hold baby-care essentials for easy access. Items shown include:

  • Grovia All-in-one Newborn Cloth Diaper - Via Grovia

  • NailFrida the SnipperClipper – available at Target

  • FeverFrida the ithermonitor – available at Target

  • NoseFrida Travel the SnotSucker – available at Fridababy.com

  • Handmade Linen Baby Towel - Via Etsy

Some of my favorite goods, which work well in the closet-nursery AND on-the-go:

  • Handmade Changing Mat with Carrier Strap (can be stored vertically, and looks beautiful when hanging up in the house) - via Fawn + Cub

  • Waxed Canvas Unisex Diaper Bag (completely foldable and easy to stow) - via Kith and Kin

  • Handmade Wallet + iPhone Tiny Leather Purse by Hustle & Hide (a small, extremely functional handbag/wallet) - via Etsy

  • Solly Baby Wrap / Carrier (takes up no space when stored) - via Solly Baby

  • All-in-one car seat cover, nursing scarf, and cart cover - via Native Wilds

Our mini-crib (via Bloom Global) works beautifully, and fits perfectly in the Bay. But IF we didn't have space for the crib, we could've still made it work via a co-sleeper. My favorite is the DockATot, which is available in two sizes.

I thought that the Bay was a bit TOO dark at night, but I didn't want to re-instal a ceiling light (they can get too hot, and we don't have real room for one anyway). There also isn't enough available space for a table-top lamp. So I recently installed some battery-operated twinkle lights (from Terrain) to brighten up the nursery, and I absolutely LOVE how they look and function.

MamaRoo Infant Seat - via Target
This incredible gizmo takes up less space than a traditional baby swing. West loves it. There are varying speeds, movements, sounds, and angles, so he never gets bored. It's a phenomenal help when I'm working at the computer, and when I want to keep the baby upright while he dozes off immediately after breastfeeding.

In the kitchen we use a collapsible bottle-drying tree, and a wall basket for bottle-tops, etc. These take up much less space than a traditional drying rack. (Via Amazon)

And, as always, going vertical wherever possible has helped us find place for the pretty little accessories we use on a regular basis, such as burp cloths, rattles, soothie clips, etc. 

On a side note: After our first month with West, it's also important to note a few changes we made for the pups in order to prevent them from feeling neglected as we tend to the baby. We've added daily trips to the dog park or beach to the routine (in addition to our regular dogwalks along the Canals). We’ve also started giving them meals from @thefarmersdog (they’re completely obsessed), and we got them new handmade beds from our wonderful neighbors @thewolfnest. So far, so good!

(Please note: the pieces in the nursery and cottage will change as West gets older. His safety is obviously our main priority, and the space will evolve according to his growth, capabilities and mobility.)

Living & Loving Local

Living & Loving Local

Our newest resident: Baby West!

Our newest resident: Baby West!