Space-Saving Toy Tents for Kids

Children (and pets) so enjoy tents and forts. But in a small home, a store-bought toddler tent can easily eat up an entire room (if it even fits at all), and a DIY fort can quickly eliminate the limited space required for your daily routine.

west pups tent blog.jpg

Tablecloth tents could be a handy solution for your little one(s) in your little home. I found this one via Etsy, and it's a big hit here at our tiny cottage. Folding card-table sizes are also available, and custom-sized options are also commissionable. Throw one over your dining table or desk to encourage a child's creativity while also working within the realities of your square-footage. (And if you can't fit a tablecloth tent, not to worry-- use a doorway or hallway hanging playhouse instead!)

west pups tent blog duo.jpg
west pups tent blog 2.jpg

Update: Many of you loved West's beagle pants, so I thought I should share the details on those! They're handmade by an Etsy artist-- some of my favorites from her shop are below: